impirica CBD (isolate from hemp extract) gummies are an easy and portable way to take your CBD. We use only a few simple ingredients in our gummies: sucrose, corn syrup, pectin, purified water, cbd isolate from hemp extract, citric acid, natural flavor (orange, grape and lemon), natural color and carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is a plant based, natural waterproofing solution from leaves. It has a high melting point, so it helps protect the integrity of our gummies in varying weather conditions. Each gummy has 8mg of our high quality pure CBD isolate from hemp extract. We don’t use any GMO (genetically modified organisms), are proudly Made in America and are vegan!

impirica CBD is the #1 Most Tested CBD brand. We have conducted research and no other brand is sending samples from each back to two separate 3rd party labs for full panel testing. These COA’s (Certificates of Analysis) confirm that what’s on the label is in the product, and that it is free from pesticides, heavy metals, and microbial contamination.

30 mixed orange, grape & lemon flavor gummies per bottle. Each gummy contains 8mg of CBD isolate from hemp extract.