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Is impirica the #1 most tested CBD brand?2020-01-26T21:36:14-05:00

*impirica is the #1 most tested CBD brand based on independent research (on file) of over 100 of the top CBD brands in the United States.

impirica uses a pharmaceutical based approach to its quality control testing. Samples from every finished goods batch are sent to multiple separate independent third party labs for Certificate of Analysis testing. This is done to validate levels of CBD and to confirm adherence to the requirement that all CBD from hemp must have less than 0.3% THC.  impirica also tests all products for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and microbial contamination.

Research and methodology supporting the claim was conducted in October, 2019.

Why does impirica Independently Verify and Validate each lot with multiple labs?2020-01-26T21:36:19-05:00

Many people are afraid to try CBD, as they are not sure of the source or the quality of the products they see in the market. CBD is a new product in the market and there are many brands that may be from small time manufacturers that don’t have the same high quality standards that we do. impirica is made in a high quality, FDA registered, manufacturing facility. We follow cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Processes) processes and policies. We do not use CBD from foreign suppliers–we only use CBD from American farmers. We believe it’s important that you know where your product comes from.

After we make impirica, we then send samples from each batch to multiple separate 3rd party laboratories for testing. We believe this extra step will help assure you that our products meet the highest standards. They also confirm that they CBD in the bottle is at the strength listed on the label.

impirica is the #1 most tested CBD brand*for your safety and peace of mind.

What’s the difference between Hemp Seed Oil and CBD Oil?2020-01-27T23:24:25-05:00

Hemp seed oil (also called cannabis sativa oil) does not contain CBD (Cannabidiol). That’s the fundamental difference. CBD and hemp seed oils are made from different parts of the plant and have different purposes. CBD is extracted from the entire plant, minus the seeds, while hemp seed oil is extracted only from the seeds.

Hemp seed oil may have skin care benefits and is used as a carrier in many CBD liquid droppers (that also contain CBD), but it isn’t going to give you the benefits of CBD oil. Hemp seed oil still has its uses. It’s highly nutritious and includes a multitude of vitamins and fatty acids. It’s used in skin and hair care products, great for cooking and can also be utilized in the production of certain plastics.

However, if you’re looking for a product with CBD, just check the label to ensure that it does contain Cannabidiol (CBD). We made it easy for you to find us on the shelf with our big “CBD” in the red ribbon on the label.

How much should I use?2020-01-26T21:31:53-05:00

You can find a lot of information available from various sources, including online, regarding the recommended amount of CBD to use. We recommend you “Start low, and go slow”. The serving size recommendation is on the package, and many people find (for example) that 1ml or 1 full dropper, is a good place to start. You can take more or less depending on how it performs for you. Everyone is different and it may take a week or two for you to find the optimal serving size.

For topical skin creams and other products like roll-ons, you can also experiment with what amount works best for your desired effect.

The FDA has not regulated CBD yet, and we hope that they will, as this will help provide stronger guidance to consumers.

If you have questions or concerns, we recommend speaking to your healthcare provider. For pet products, speak with your veterinarian.

Why do you buy only USA grown hemp for impirica CBD?2020-01-26T21:36:02-05:00

We believe in supporting American Farmers and helping to create new jobs for Americans. We also believe that the U.S. has the highest safety standards related to growing industrial hemp (from which our CBD is extracted) and ensuring the safety of the supply chain. Some of our competitors source their CBD from hemp grown in foreign countries in parts of Europe or China. We will never put your health at risk by trying to save a bit of money on raw materials. We believe the best way to ensure a high quality, safe product is through our high manufacturing standards and by only sourcing our CBD from hemp grown on American farms.

Will the CBD in impirica make me high?2020-01-26T21:31:53-05:00

NO! The CBD in impirica will not make you high. 

The U.S. Farm Bill, approved the growing and selling of industrial hemp products. The industrial hemp plant is a different plant than the marijuana plant, and it is bred to have no more than 0.3% THC. This is a trace amount and will not make you high.

THC is the compound from marijuana that will make you high. CBD used in impirica is non-psychoactive and wont make you high.

impirica CBD products are tested by multiple independent 3rd party laboratories to ensure they contain no more than the legally allowed 0.3% THC. In many of our products, we use CBD Isolate, which has isolated the CBD compound from all of the other cannabinoids in the industrial hemp plant. It’s the purest form of CBD from hemp, without anything else.

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